Pestergaines Pestergaines 7 November 2010

Wiki Migration

The decision has been made. Austrian Economics Wiki will be moved to Mises Wiki.

On the one hand, the recent design changes and restrictions have weighed heavily against Wikia. On the other hand, Austrian Economics Wiki has been growing out of its original mission and its title. At the same time, it wasn't growing enough, failing to attract a wider userbase (which, admittedly, also might have been caused by lacking advertising).

All these factors combined make it hard to stay. And when an opportunity presented itself to found a new wiki with the Mises Institute, I had to go for it.

These pages shall stay here, but I will not be active here much anymore, beyond the occasional maintenance. If anyone sees opportunity in continuing them, they hav…

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Pestergaines Pestergaines 29 October 2010

About Scandinavia and the new design

Good news: one major update was the page Scandinavia and the social state. Hopefully worth seeing, it was inspired by a thread on the forums. Special thanks to its creators!

On a somewhat different note... The New Look of Wikia has arrived, and there is a predictably large backlash from the user community and wikis actually leaving. And frankly, the new look is horrible, with pages looking like blog posts.

What is perhaps more disturbing, is the lack of choice offered to users, and even limiting their abilities to make their wikis look like they want. That is not a good move, and may cost them a large part of their userbase, activity, and ultimately traffic, which seems to be their greatest concern.

Which makes me wonder - should this…

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Pestergaines Pestergaines 8 October 2010

First post!

It is time to try this blog thing out! So, what is new... oh, yes, the countries!

Over the last few weeks, the basic page for pretty much every country in the world was created, with a few lucky ones (Iceland, Greece) receiving a more detailed writeup. The adding of links and minor changes continue, even with help from a few anonymous helpers. Hope this continues!

In other news, recent additions of note include bribes in the article on Black market; and an interesting note on the history of dike-building in medieval Germany (along with a mention in Public goods, where dikes and levees supposedly belong).

Cheers, Pestergaines 13:02, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

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Jimbo Wales Jimbo Wales 11 August 2010

Fascinating Wiki!

I used to study Austrian Economics quite a bit. I was a student (undergraduate) at Auburn University, home of the Mises Institute, and I would visit there often, reading Human Action cover to cover, and then moving on to other works. Neat wiki!--Jimbo Wales 17:48, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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