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Forty Centuries of Wage and Price Controls is a historical guide through thousands of years of failed economical policies, especially price controls. It was written by Robert L. Schuettinger and Eamonn F. Butler.

See also: History of Money and Banking


  1. The Ancient World
  2. The Roman Republic and Empire
  3. From Medieval to Early Modern Times
  4. Canada and the United States: The First Centuries
  5. The French Revolution
  6. The Nineteenth Century: One Success, One Failure
  7. The First World War
  8. Three Nations Between the Wars
  9. National Socialist Germany
  10. The Soviet Union
  11. Two Democracies in the Second World War
  12. Postwar Rent Controls
  13. A Postwar Survey of Six Continents
  14. The Price of World Currency
  15. The U.S., Britain and Canada: 1970-78
  16. On the Causes of Inflation
  17. Coping with Inflation
  18. The Cures For Inflation
  19. The Economic Effects of Wage and Price Controls


  • The Wage and Price Control Statutes From the Code of Hammurabi
  • The Edict of Diocletian Fixing Maximum Prices and Wages
  • A Tax-Based Incomes Policy (TIP): What's It All About?
  • An Analysis of President Carter's Wage-Insurance Plan

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